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The First Twenty Five Years

'Where we came from so that we might better know where we ought to go.'



Almost another year passed before another important event of note was reported in the 'Irish Press' 23rd September 1944. "Famous Carillon to ring again. The 23 bells of the famous carillon of the Church of The Rosary and St Thérèse Of Lisieux, Saltley, Birmingham, in storage since the Church was damaged nearly four years ago, will ring for the first time on September 30th, anniversary of the death of St Thérèse. The bells, the only carillon in a secular Catholic Church in England, were made famous in pre-war days over the B.B.C." The bells had been in storage at Charnwood Forest, where they had been sent for safety and received at Mount St Bernard's by the courtesy of Lord Abbot Malachi.


Sacred Heart Window

In December 1944 the beautiful Sacred Heart window in the North Transept was restored, this event being recorded two years later on April 10th by a memorial plaque.


Sacred Heart Window


The following replacements took place in 1945: -
The windows of St Thérèse paid for by the Gilmore family,
Bld. John Wall by the Shepherd family
St Pascal Baylon by the Thomas and White families
St Agnes in memory of those killed in air raids were restored to the Church.


West Windows
In 1946. On the fifth anniversary of the last bombing the two West Windows, exact copies of the originals, those of St Anne and the Cure d'Ars were restored. On August, 18th brought a visitor, Fr Louis Decerle, an old friend of Fr Power, during 13 years, back again after four years with the French Maquis.

Fr Decerle's Words
"So many times, when listening on the wireless at St Lezare when I first heard of the bombings of Birmingham, I was very anxious to know what could be the real state of that town, of the people there and of that parish. How marvellous to witness such a result. Saltley is the very place where 'faith' and 'will' allied will make such marvellous things, the traditions go on, despite inevitable changes, brought about by the war. God is still God and still with you."

Parish House Rebuilt
Two days after Fr Decerle's visit the re-building of the presbytery was completed. It had taken seven months to repair. Over the porch was placed a cross made from the beam of the loft in which Bld. Nicholas Postage was hidden by the Harrison family under Charles II. This was given to Fr Power by Fr Harrison of M.S.F.S.

New Organ
The last repair due to the war was actually finished on March 15th, 1947 when the new organ was installed and used for the first time on Holy Saturday, April 5th.


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