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Brežice Castle is not only admired as a Renaissance fortress but also as a museum, one of the finest in the region - Posavje Museum (Posavski Muzej). On the second floor the visitor will see, on display, archaeological evidence documenting periods before the arrival of the Slavs, from the Stone Age to the 7th century. There he will also find a skeleton discovered in one of the many graves found near Dobova and jewellery from Celtic and Roman times. In other rooms there is ample documentation of social life in the Posavje region in the 19th and 20th centuries. There is a special emphasis placed on wine-making, one of the chief activities of the area.

There is also a section, in the south east tower, dedicated to medieval times and documenting the peasant revolts in the area during the 16th century (1515 and 1573 revolts) and the influence of the Protestant Reformation in the area. Here you will also find two frescoes by Franjo Stiplovšek and a bust of Matija Gubec, leader of the uprising of 1573. One of the most precious exhibits is the Dalmatin Bible printed in 1584. This is a translation of the Bible from German into Slovene. Another section of the museum has exhibits of Baroque art including portraits of the local aristocracy.

A more contemporary period in Slovenian history is also represented, the German occupation and deportation of Slovenes during the Second World War. 83% of Slovenes in the Posavje area were deported and their homes were taken over by Germans.

The art collection of the museum includes works by Franc Ignacij, Karl Frančišek Remb, Valentin Metzinger and Franjo Stiplovšek.

In the breathtaking Baroque Knights' Hall (Viteška Dvorana) Italian Baroque paintings portray events and scenes from Greek and Roman mythology and magnificent Baroque frescoes can be admired. There are also portraits of the Attems family. During the months of June and July the Knights' Hall also hosts concerts as part of the Brežice Festival. To order tickets, which will are usually on sale from June every year, email: info@k-ramovs.si or tatjana@k-ramovs.si

Brežice Castle and Museum postal address: Posavski Muzej Brežice, Cesta prvih borcev 1, 8250 Brežice, Slovenija.
Brežice Castle telephone and fax: Tel.: +386 (0)7 49 61 271, 46 60 511 Fax.: +386 (0)7 46 60 516
Brežice Castle email: ivan.kastelic@guest.arnes.si
Opening times of Brežice Castle: Open: Mon-Fri: 8.00 am - 2.30 pm; Sat-Sun and holidays: 10.00 am - 2.00 pm. Closed: January 1st, November 1st, December 25th.

Please check the official Brežice Castle and Museum web site for further information.


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