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The quaint town of Brežice lies in the Province of Dolenjska (Lower Carniola) in south east Slovenia. The area around Brežice is typical of the Province of Dolenjska as a whole with its surrounding undulating hills dotted with quaint churches and prominent castles built to protect the nation from invaders throughout the centuries. Woodlands, vineyards, monasteries, cycle tracks, hiking trails all add to the charm of the area. The river Krka lends itself to a number of sporting activities such as canoeing.

More specifically, Brežice lies in the Posavje area at the confluence of the Krka and Sava rivers in the Krško plain. As well as being a convenient stopover for those on their way to the more eastern countries such as Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria Brežice is certainly worth a visit for its own sake and also as a base to venture further afield in the Province of Dolenjska and western Croatia. It is located only two kilometres from the Croatian border between the Orlica Hills and the Gorjanci on the Sava river in south east Slovenia and just off the main motorway (A1 / E70) linking Llubjana (104 kilometres from Brežice) and Zagreb (37 kilometres from Brežice).




The main attraction of Brežice is the castle, located about 500 metres from the strategic river Sava, at the end of the charming main street Cesta prvih borcev. There has been a castle here since early 13th century although there is nothing left of the original as that was burned down during the peasant uprising of 1515. It was replaced by the Renaissance castle that can be visited today, the foundations of which date back to 1528. The present castle was built to protect the town from the invading Turks and the nobles from peasant uprisings. The castle was financed by the German Emperor Ferdinand and built by the Italians Julij Dispatio from Merana and the two brothers Andrej and Domenico del'Allio. It proved very effective in the Croat-Slovene peasant revolt of 1573.

The castle later passed into the hands of Count Ignac Marija Attems who had additional rooms built. It was they who were responsible for the Baroque style that can now be admired by the general public. In the second half of the 19th century, after the Attems family left the castle fell into a period of decay and parts of the castle housed offices and apartments. It was turned into a military hospital during World War II and was damaged by an earthquake in 1917.

Since housing the Posavje Museum the castle has undergone a serious restoration programme and has now been restored to its present glory.


Tourist Attractions in Brežice: Posavje Museum - Posavski Muzej


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