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The Gardens

The Gardens

From this room there is a doorway allowing access to the terraced gardens which also reflect the Italian style. The landscaping of the gardens was the result of the work the Prince himself and of Grüner.

The Gardens have also been somewhat restored by English Heritage with the original Victorian spirit recreated by Rupert Golby. From the gardens one can see the magnificent panorama down to the Solent just a few minutes contemplating the scene is an experience in itself and justifies Queen Victoria's choice.


Osborne House Gardens
Osborne House Swiss Cottage


A ride in a horse-drawn carriage takes visitors to Swiss Cottage situated in the Gardens. It was dismantled, brought over from Switzerland, reassembled at Osborne House and given to her children on occasion of the Queen's 35th birthday, May 24th 1854. It now houses a small museum of objects collected by Victoria's children. There also a miniature Fort.

Osborne House Swiss Cottage


This section of the property was obviously designed for the entertainment and education of the children. It was here that they learnt to play in their own miniature chalet and fort and where they also leaned to cook in its fully functioning kitchen and grow vegetables in its garden.


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