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Chatsworth House, the Chapel


Chatsworth House Chapel dates from the last two decades of the seventeenth century. Characteristically the Chapel ceiling, depicting the resurrected Christ in all his glory, was painted by Laguerre.

Chatsworth Chapel ceiling by Laguerre
A detail of the chapel ceiling, Christ in glory
Chatsworth House,Chapel altar and Verrio painting
The Chapel Altar and Verrio painting

The wall paintings depict episodes in the life of Christ and above the altar is the painting of doubting Thomas by Antonio Verrio (1639-1707). On either side of this painting are to be found two alabaster statues by Caius Gabriel Cibber (1630-1700), one of which represents Faith and the other Justice.

Chatsworth, Chapel Wall Painting
Chatsworth, Chapel Wall Painting
Chatsworth House Chapel, sketch by Bernardino Gatti, San Sigismondo, Cremona
Sketch by Bernardino Gatti, for the Church of San Sigismondo, Cremona

Also of interest is the display of a sketch by Bernardino Gatti (1495-1575) for the fresco of the Ascension to be found on the nave vault of the Church of San Sigismondo in Cremona, northern Italy.


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