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The State Music Room



The State Music Room.

After visiting Chatsworth one of the curiosities that tends to linger in one's mind is the painted violin hanging on the door painted by Jan van der Vaardt (c. 1653-1727). Although it is a painted violin it is impossible to distinguish it from the real thing even from a short distance, so effective is the illusion.

The ceiling in this room was also painted by Laguerre and dates from around 1690 (below left).

Chatsworth House Ceiling of the State Music Room by Laguerre   Chatsworth House music room showing harpsichord and paintings by Bordone and Borzone
A Detail of the State Music Room Ceiling by Laguerre
Music room showing the harpsichord and paintings by Bordone and Borzone

The paintings housed in the music room include a portrait of the Second Duke of Devonshire attributed to Mary Beale (1633-99), a family group by Paris Bordone (1500-71) (above right), the Procession of the Dogaressa Grimani by Andrea Vicentino (c. 1539-1614), The Blind Belisarius Receiving Alms attributed to Luciano Borzone (above right) and Acis and Galatea by Luca Giordano (below).


Chatsworth House Music Room
View of the Music Room showing the green table received as a gift from Czar Nicholas I of Russia and the Coronation Throne of George III (left)
View of the Music Room showing the painting by Luca Giordano Acis and Galatea

Other objects of interest are the green table made of Russian malachite (above), and the coronation throne of George III and Queen Charlotte, the work of Katherine Naish and Vile and Cobb which dates from 1761. There is also a mahogany Harpsichord made by Burkat Shudi and John Broadwood in 1782.


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