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The State Drawing Room and



The State Drawing Room

During the Second World War this room was transformed into a girls dormitory. When Penrhos college in Wales was taken over by the Government the girls were evacuated and the college continued its activities on the Chatsworth premises. This episode in the history of Chatworth is recorded in a painting by Edward Halliday (1902-1984), Chatsworth in Wartime: The State Drawing Room.

chatsworth state dining hall ceiling
The state drawing room: a detail of the painted ceiling by Laguerre
chatsworth state dining hall: a tapestry
The state drawing room:
a tapestry

Apart from the Halliday painting, of particular interest in the state drawing room are the painted ceiling by Louis Laguerre (below left) and the tapestries woven in Mortlake around 1635 depicting biblical scenes after Raphael one one which appears above (below right). The ceiling depicts a meeting of the gods and painted c. 1690. The tapestry dates from around 1635 and depicts a scene of Christ with his apostles.


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