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St. Michael's Cathedral:
The Tower

As we leave the statue of reconciliation we approach what was the original entrance to the old Cathedral and admire the decorative details of the Cathedral tower and spire. The bells began ringing here again in 1987.

The tower and spire constitute the most conspicuous feature of the Coventry skyline and it is a miracle that they are still standing to tell their tale of woe.


[Old Coventry Cathedral, the tower]

[Old Coventry Cathedral, the tower]

[Old Coventry Cathedral, the tower, close up view]

[Old Coventry Cathedral, the tower, decorative elements]



If we look carefully at the elaborate details of the tower we can just imagine the former grandeur of St. Michael's Cathedral, which makes us even more painfully aware of "man's inhumanity to man". Admiration and sorrow are the sentiments that prevail.

Now we make our way back to where we entered the ruins, down the steps and into the modern building.

Be warned! The impact is pleasantly shocking to say the least. The change in the atmosphere is so radical that one remains disorientated and quite speechless for a while.




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